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Our Core Purpose
Why we exist as a school
We provide a happy, nurturing and safe environment for educating young South Africans:
• Preparing them for the next stage of their schooling;
• Helping each child discover his or her passions and potential;
• In Partnership with parents and the broader community, developing well-balanced children with the character, skills and habits of mind, for life in an ever-changing world.

Our Core Values
The enduring tenets on which we place highest value
• Creating a happy school environment;
• Caring, nurtuting and building self-esteem;
• Accepting, respecting and valuing each individual - celebrating uniqueness and embracing diversity;
• Instilling timeless values and principles of good character such as honesty, integrity, respect, fair play, sportsmanship, among others;
• Passion for life, learning and progress.


Our Vision 2015
The purposeful, big hairy audacious goal we are striving to achieve:
To provide a progressive, holistic (balanced) education through a passionate, dedicated and nurturing staff team who are equipped and supported to serve as consistent, positive role models for our learners.

Our Vision Slogan
Nurturing African hearts and Global Minds


A happy, cheerful environment is a priority at Virginia Prep. Qualities such as loyalty, courtesy, consideration, tolerance, sportsmanship and respect contribute towards the unique tone and spirit of the school. Whilst a sense of achievement is fostered in team efforts that bring honour to the school as a whole, pupils are also encouraged to think and work independently, and to develop the initiative and skills necessary to enable them to cope with the challenges of the future.

Virginia Prep is a school which offers a wide variety of academic, cultural and sporting activities as well as clubs, hobbies and extension programmes. Our aim is to offer all our pupils a well rounded education in a warm, caring environment.
The school aims to create an atmosphere that is conducive to providing for well-balanced pupils with a strong academic base from which to launch into life. To ensure this, our children receive a structured and carefully planned academic programme from a motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic team of professional educators. Constant positive re-inforcement ensures that we build self-esteem and a healthy self-image.

From the M4 (Ruth First Highway), one takes the Virginia off-ramp (opposite Virginia Airport). Halfway around the circle, proceed up Hinton Grove (+/- 200m) and turn right into Margaret Maytom Avenue. The school is situated on the left with magnificent views of the ocean.
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Contact Us
125 Margaret Maytom Ave
Durban North 4051
Tel: +27 (0)31 563 6986
School Shop
School uniform and accessories are available at our Uniform Shop.
Contact Mrs K. Weir on 082 460 8958 for info.